Why men should get skin treatments?

July 27, 2012
Sometime men ask me " Should i get skin treatments? , Is it really worth it? "  My reply always is " Men, women even teenagers should be getting skin treatments."   In reality men should get skin treatments more often that women since they have more active lifestyle, they workout, they sweat, do different kinds of activities all the time. Over the period of time, your skin piles up different layer of dirt on epidermis (outer skin) which in results makes you skin look darker and its hard to remove those acne's.

Some of my clients come to me and ask me at the last moment " Make me look young." That's not possible in one sitting. Each person has different type of skin. Your skin treatments vary by the type of skin you have. You will not look young with facials, but you will surely see glamor on your skin after the first sitting. And your skin will surely look smoother and cleaner after 3 to 5 sittings ( Facial Treatments).

Remember: Eating healthy also has a great role in keeping your skin clean. Eat fruits like oranges with detoxify your body. Have like half a avocado every day, it contains vitamin A, D and E, all of them helps you keep you skin look healthy.

6 Benefits of Hair Waxing Removal Service

March 15, 2012
  • Lasts longer than Shaving
  • Hair doesn't grow atleast 3-6 weeks
  • Healthier skin through exfoliation
  • Waxing doesn't leave scars or cuts on your body
  • Waxing will make your skin feel smoother longer without feeling itchy
  • Its easier and quick to remove dense amount of hair than shaving it off

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5 Organic Tips with Honey for Skin Care

January 31, 2012
Everybody wants a healthy lifestyle. But for women skin care is as important as working out for a bodybuilder. We at Facial Town not only do facial treatments but also share the knowledge, we have in salon industry. Here are some organic tips that will help your skin without the use of any chemicals.

  • Mix equal quantity of orange juice and honey. Apply on your hands and face frequently. It helps in keeping your hands and face soft.
  • Mix organic milk, orange, chopped carrot and honey in equal quan...

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